“The land which came up from the sea” or “Our Land”, is made up of about 80 islands.

They are situated north of New Caledonia and east of North Queensland, in Australia.

Although 66 islands are populated, the bulk of the people live on 16 main islands. The capital is Port Villa on the island of Efate. Most people oare Melanesians.

Previously named the New Hebrides by Captain Cook in 1774, these are lush green islands with 5 active volcanoes, including one UNDERWATER!

In 1980, independence ended a 74 reign by the British and French.

The stamps of Vanuatu tell the story of life in the islands, the flora and fauna, links to other countries and of the fondness for the Royal Family in England. A number of the islands are featured in the first definitive Map set of Stamps.