This tiny Pacific nation is not a tourist centre and not a great deal has been written about these islands. This of course, adds to the mystery and sparks interest in the more curious among us!

3 atolls totaling 1220 hectares, Fakaofo, Nukunonu and Atafu make up this place, set around 500 kilometres north of Samoa.

The people are Polynesian with strong links to Western Samoa. Their origins are unclear, European sighting was first made in 1765, but little was known until a US Exploring expedition spent some days there in 1841.

The distance from the British colony of Fiji saw the islands become a dependency of New Zealand in 1925. Nowadays Tokelau is a self-governing NZ territory, currency of both New Zealand and Western Samoa is used along with Tokelauan coins. Not bad seeing as there are no official banks on the islands!

Stamps were not issued separately until 1948 and in the first 20 years, only 15 stamps were produced. Even now they only produce 2 sets per year, making it an easy country to collect.