Pacific Island Nations

Beautiful coral-crusted, white sandy beaches, fringed with palms against a glorious red sunset.

If that is the way you see the Pacific Island Nations in your mind’s eye, you are pretty well correct!

These small countries have been the refuge of runaway sailors, fierce cannibals and peace-loving indigenous groups alike for centuries. Each has an interesting story and despite having so much in common, their heritage and histories are quite diverse.

The stamps of the pacific tell the stories of the culture, native flora, fauna and landmarks which make up their unique nature.

Pacific Stamps have arranged the stamps into themescovering a wide variety of interests from birds to World War 2, so your collection can range from entire nations to a theme which casts across all of the islands.

Little messages from the islands 
is a good way to describe the philatelic produce of our Pacific Island Nations, take a look at the topography of each island using the detailed pages on this web site. Select a location from the links on the left, read a little info, check out the satellite map image and dream about these fabulous, exotic dots in the middle of the world’s largest ocean.