The northern most island of the Cook Islands, Penrhyn is located 1365 kilometres from Rarotonga and has the largest lagoon areas of the Cook Island’s atolls, covering 233 square kilometres and measuring some 18 miles across with depths of up to 350 feet. The main village is, Omoka located in the west.

Like its nearest neighbour Manihiki, copra production (the drying of coconut flesh for vegetable oil extraction) has now been replaced by pearl farming and shell products as a primary source of income. Known for its golden pearls (poe pipi) and sandy beaches cultured black pearl farming only began here recently.

Penrhyn women make the finest rito craftwork (from young coconut fronds). Hats, bags, fans and mats made here are the best to be found in the Pacific.

Sometimes called by its Maori name Tongareva, this is the most remote of the Cook Islands and almost 4 hours by air from Rarotonga.