Why You Should Collect Stamps

The Pacific Island Nations create some of the most beautiful and colourful stamps in the world!

Dutch explorer stamp from SamoaYou can learn much about these tiny island countries, which are spread thousands of miles across the vast Pacific Ocean, by collecting the commercial artworks-in-miniature.

Many enthusiasts choose to supplement another current interest, eg aviation, plants, birds or sport, with a collection of stamps covering that same interest.

shell stamp from AitutakiIf you have an interest in aviation, English Royalty collectibles, birds or exotic butterflies, you can add to your collection with a philatelic component!

As a collector, you will enjoy watching your philatelic collection grow and will see the history and transitions across this amazing part of the world.

Traditionally stamps have grown in value over time, some exceeding their face-value many times over.

Two shark stamps from TuvaluTuvalu butterfly stampsCanoe stamp from Wallis and FutunaAviation stamp from Marshall Islands