This nation has the second largest land mass in the Pacific, after New Guinea.

There are six major islands up to 200 km long and numerous others ranging down to tiny atolls. The large islands are quite mountainous, Mt. Makarakombou on Guadalcanal reaches 2,447 metres. Rainfall is very high, up to 80mm (well over 2 feet) annually in parts.

The islands have been inhabited for at least 3,000 years as shown by carbon-dating on pottery excavated from Guadalcanal and other islands.

European contact has often been violent and destructive, from the Blackbirders of the 1800’s to the massive battles fought against Japan in WW2.

The population is over 200,000 and most are Melanese, Malaita is the most populous island. Honiara is the new capital, created after the old capital of Tulagi was destroyed during the war.

Stamps of the Solomons have always been popular and cover all aspects of their life, history, people and national interest.

Solomon Islands