The many legends and traditions of Samoa suggest a culture with a long history. Legends mention Fijian princes and princesses and communication with Tongans.

When Europeans first landed in the 1700’s, 12 of the party were killed by the Islanders. The refusal to accept foreign rule was a hallmark of the Samoans and an uneasy coexistence existed with several countries before they were granted independence in 1962. They were first Pacific nation to gain their independence.

A famous immigrant was Robert Louis Stevenson, who arrived in Samoa in 1890 to improve his health. He lasted 4 years and became very interested in the local culture and wars. Stevenson’s grave can be visited by climbing to the top of the mountain which is his final resting place.

Western Samoa is 2 large inhabited islands with volcanic peaks and several small uninhabited islands. American Samoa is made up of 5 islands and 2 atolls, it is a territory of the USA.