Pacific Stamps

Official agent for philatelic sales of Pacific Island Nations’ Stamps

We are rebuilding a brand new online catalogue as our old site is no longer compatible with new technology.

The new site is a work in progress and we welcome your input to help make it a great place to build your collection of Pacific Island Stamps.

You may also contact us using email and we will send you a current catalogue. email is or simply call the office on (07) 5474 0799 from within Australia or +61 754740799 from outside Australia.

Collecting stamps is a popular pastime almost as old as post offices themselves! Each philatelic item is a work of art in its own right and the challenge is to hold a complete set.

These tiny nations set in a Pacific paradise hold a special fascination amongst collectors, every tiny masterpiece contains a story about the history, the lifestyle and culture of the particular region.

You can buy stamps from any of the nations in the vast Pacific Stamps catalogue of old and new stock, contact us to set up a standing order.

Pacific Stamps is the most knowledgeable agent for stamps of the region and your one stop shop for service and choice. We consider it our pleasure to help you complete your set and build your own treasure of the Pacific Islands